Know exactly what to do to create life changing transformational coaching programs so that you can sign consistent clients

My proprietary method the V.I.B.E. System was crafted to help coaches bridge the gap between barely signing clients to increased impact and income through signing consistent clients in their business.

It was designed to help you:


Your steps to success by creating a solid vision for your business and start mapping out your daily profit activities so that you can overcome the overwhelm with what you need to do next


Your zone of genius, clarify niche as well as your ideal client so that you can ensure profitability and determine what unique problem you solve for your ideal client so that you can create a transformational they not only need but desperately want


A transformational signature program which sell like hot cakes, crafting a marketing and content plan that will attract your ideal client ,grow an engaged audience that are primed to buy from you, build a personal brand that establish your authority


Success by addressing your money mindset, rewriting the fears that are holding you back, reviewing current narratives growing your confidence so you can sell in a non sleazy way and taking bold aligned action

Join the 4 Steps to Consistent Clients Masterclass where you'll learn how to...

Feel confident in the action you are taking in your business

Connect with your ideal clients

Make your offer so irresistible that people can’t help but sign up

Sell your offer confidently without feeling sleazy?

Client Testimonials

Ultimately, Leticia helps you to discover and align yourself with your true values. This for me is the key to program's brilliance. Because it means I’m not going to stop growing now that the program is over. My roots are dug in and I’m drinking in the sunshine. I’m building a freelance business and working on the first draft of my novel. I know exactly what is important to me and because of this, I’m committed to the challenges as well as the rewards. I’m very grateful to have had Leticia as a coach.    

M. Sisti 

Freelance Writer

She sees perspectives that others don’t see. She looks at all the facts and gives you the tools to put you in a better position. She is one of the very few people I feel comfortable and confident talking to. There is never any judgement from her. She has a pure heart and only wants the best for you. She gives the self reassurance that you need, comforts you and gives you encouragement to get the results you ultimately want. I look up and admire her for her self confidence and self assurance that she has and I strive to have the same for myself!

D. Lewis

Hemp Products Distributor

Since working with Coach Leticia, I’ve learned about limiting beliefs, growth vs fixed mindsets, and the power of manifestation. I am experiencing the evidence related to deservability. I am learning my true value and worth. I am exploring what serves me at this point of my life, releasing what does not have a purpose in my life. I have recently started a consultancy business. I’m building a firm foundation to build up. I have had multiple career offers that are not the best match for me. I am able to say “no thank you” to what does not serve my interest and passion.

Yolonda Harris


Client Case Studies

In this case study we celebrate the fact that Olivia was able to work through her procrastination to finally feeling confident enough to build her dream business.

In Sheena's case study she explains the reason why she knew she needed coaching, what the coaching experience was like for her and her biggest takeaways.