Helping you leverage market research so you can strategically position yourself for consistent income.

Leticia Francis
Market Research and Offer Creation Strategist

Hey Lovely, I'm Leticia, but you can call me Blaque - THE Market Research Strategist for female coaches and consultants who are ready to take their business to the next level and make some serious bank.  

I know what you're thinking - market research sounds like a snooze-fest, right? WRONG! I'm here to shake things up and bring the fun to this often-overlooked aspect of business. As a coach or consultant, you know how important it is to understand your ideal clients and what they want. That's where I come in. I'll teach you how to leverage market research to create consistent income and build a thriving business that you love.  

With 13 years of experience in data analytics, I'm the ultimate data diva. My last gig on the corporate plantation was as the Data Manager of a top 5 Lloyds of London Insurance Syndicate where I was tasked with creating an innovative competitive edge through the use of data. But when I started my own business, I had no clue about marketing and sales. So I leaned on my data analytics skills to create consistent income and eventually became a business coach.  

I quickly realized that the biggest gap my clients had was in the market research piece of my program. It stopped so many of them from moving forward. That's why I'm out here dominating this space, to help coaches truly understand how powerful an effective market research process can be in their business.  

Who am I and why should you work with me?

But enough about me - let's talk about YOU.

Are you ready to say goodbye to the struggle bus and hello to consistent income?

Then let's chat! With my Market Research Solutions, you'll learn how to create irresistible offers, craft a content strategy that stops your ideal clients in their tracks, and build a client acquisition system that rivals the best of them.  

Oh, and did I mention we'll have a blast doing it? With my unique approach, the Market Research Mastery Method, market research will never be boring again. So come on, let's get started!