"Walk as if every step you take is about to make an avalanche, because you are here to save the word!" 

Leticia Francis
Certified Mindset Coach & Business Foundation Specialist

Hey there and thanks for stopping by! I am Leticia Francis, known to those closest to me as Blaque. I started BlaqueRose Coaching in the midst of a season of personal growth, during which I was on a pursuit of my purpose. At the time I had a strong desire for something different in life. I suspect the desire I had, is very similar to what bought you here today.  

For years, I spent my days in a corporate role which made me miserable. I got tired building someone else's dream. I got tired of being mentally drained at the end of every workday without the feeling of satisfaction. I really got tired of being pushed in a box so that others around me could shine. My career got to a point where if I didn't make a change my life was destined to be one that depleted me at a soul level.  

By overcoming  my limiting beliefs, instituting inspired action, I was able to take my dream of building a business from idea to launch in just 2 months. I have created a life for myself that excites me every morning, an excitement I would love to share with you.  

My growing season allowed me to leverage my best traits in a constructive way and ultimately developed my desire to help others, like YOU,  achieve the level of freedom I am experiencing.

Who am I and why should you work with me?

Coach, I know you want to make a world changing impact , the freedom and flexibility to spend time with family and  the finances to live life on your terms!

So are you ready take your coaching business to the next level by consistently connecting with and signing clients ready and willing pay you? If you are ready to stop figuring it out on your own, and are prepared to invest in a coach that will get you there MUCH faster, schedule a strategy session with me so we can chat about how the V.I.B.E. System can help you!