Learn how to leverage market research to help you finally reach Sold Out Status!

With From Market Research To Sold Out Status, you will be able to develop an effective market research process, gain an intimate understanding of your ideal clients,  and finally craft offers your ideal clients cannot wait to buy from you without having to guess your way to success or continue to waste time creating offer after offer that don't sell.

Signing Clients Does Not Have To Be Hard!

You are an amazing coach determined to make an impact in your ideal client's lives and you know you can't make that impact unless someone buys your offers!

So you have been showing up online and all you are hearing is crickets. You create offer after offer to see what will stick but you can't seem to even give them away for free. You think you have to level up your skills more so that you can start attracting the right clients. You are tempted to add more to your offers to make them enticing. And you are starting to get frustrated because if this is going to be your business, for real, you need to start making more money soon!

But you just can't seem to figure out what you need to do to create offers your ideal client will be begging and finally reach sold out status.

There is a proven method to strategically create offers that allow you to reach Sold Out Status!

The reason you are struggling to sell out your offers is you lack a effective, repeatable system to create offers for your ideal client. 


Utilize your strengths effectively

Instead of delaying your success by spending even more time studying, using the skills you have right now is your quickest way to Sold Out Status!

Uncover intimate knowledge of your ideal client

In order to reach Sold Out Status your knowledge of your ideal client must go deeper than their age, gender, where they work and what they like to eat!

Validate your offer before going to market

The bane of a coach's existence is an unvalidated offer. The key to Sold Out Status is effectively validating your offer before you try to sell it!

Craft and SELL an offer your ideal client wants NOW

There's an art to crafting and selling offers your ideal clients want. Your path to Sold Out Status is mastering that art over and over!

Using my years of strategic data analysis experience, I have developed a framework that will help you stop guessing your way to your next offer!


  • adopt a 360 approach to collecting data so that you can fill the gaps in your market.
  • leverage market research for offer creation so that you aren't making offers no one wants.
  • map out an effective content strategy so that you start priming your audience for sales.
  • build a productive client acquisition system so you have a process to bring in leads to convert.
  • articulate the value and urgency of your offer so you get your audience excited to buy.
  • explore further business opportunities so you can continue to expand your coaching business.



Market Research To Sold Out Status is a 6 week program created to help you leverage an effective 360 market research process so that you can improve your offer creation, map out an effective content strategy, build a productive client acquisition system and start to explore additional business opportunities.

We will be covering the following:

  • Module One: Sold Out Status Starts With You - This module helps coaches identify their competitive advantage based on their skills and strengths. It also helps them to choose the specific problem they are best equipped to solve, and determine who their ideal client is. By identifying these key factors, coaches can position themselves as experts in their field and attract the right clients who are more likely to convert.
  • Module Two: The Market Research Process -  This module teaches coaches how to conduct effective market research using the unique PDFs Framework and a 360° approach. By validating their research and positioning themselves as the solution to their ideal clients' problem, coaches can use market research as a conversion tool to increase their conversions without resorting to sleazy sales tactics.
  • Module Three: All You Need To Know -  In this module, coaches learn about their ideal clients, current audience, past clients, and direct competitors. By gathering this information, coaches can craft their offers to showcase their best skills and attributes, differentiate themselves from their competitors, and fill gaps in the market that are currently not being addressed.
  • Module Four: From Data to Offer - This module helps coaches analyze the data they've collected and use it to strategically craft offers that effectively communicate the value of their services to their ideal clients. By using the 6D Framework, coaches can create data-driven offers that are more likely to convert. They will also learn about the different pricing methods and how to position their offers for sales.
  • Module Five: Articulating Your Offer For Sales -  This module teaches coaches how to create effective content that connects with their ideal clients at an emotional level. By creating different types of content, such as educational, inspirational, and objection handling content, coaches can increase their conversions. They will also learn about the different elements of a highly converting sales page and how to use their research to resonate with their ideal clients.
  • Module Six: From Cold To Sold  - This module helps coaches set up a client acquisition system that uses discovery, relationships, sales, and follow-up to predictably convert prospects into paying clients. Coaches will learn how to attract clients through free value and map out their client journey to increase conversions. By implementing this system, coaches can create a more consistent income and fall in love with their business again.

Hello, Hello, Hello Lovely! I'm Leticia

Hey there, I'm Leticia THE Market Research and Offer Creation Strategist for coaches and consultants with a data-driven background in analytics. That's why I call myself the “data diva”.

I'm not your average strategist, Lovely. I've spent years working for a top 5 Lloyds of London Insurance Syndicate, strategically positioning them for success. And I'm here to help you do the same.  

I get it, you hired a coach before and they gave you vague advice about ideal client demographics. But let's be real, that's not enough. You need a practical and actionable plan to see the results you deserve.

 And that's exactly what I'm here to teach you.  

I've created The Market Research Mastery Method using my 13 years of data analytics experience that's helped me sell out my programs every single time - even ones I haven't gone public with!  

But I'm not keeping this to myself, oh no. I'm on a mission to help female coaches and consultants take their businesses to the next level.  

The struggle is real, Lovely. You're feeling burnt out, frustrated, and like you're spinning your wheels. But fear not, I'm here to help you position yourself for profitability and long-term success.  

Let's get you the clarity you need to thrive in this competitive market.  And don't forget, those multibillion-dollar companies didn't get where they are by chance. They did their research first.

Are you ready to join me on this journey?  

Let's do this, Lovely! 

My framework has changed the lives of many female coaches...

I have designed the Market Research Mastery Method especially for female coaches to help them increase their revenue and maximize their earning potential without having to wait for years, spend thousands on courses that only tell you have to do market research but not show you how, and waste money on ineffective strategies on your journey to Sold Out Status.

This is not just another group program that doesn't allow you to get the individual attention you need. You don't have to worry about not knowing how to execute the concepts covered in the trainings. I have spent tens of thousands on programs that really didn't support me the way I need which is why I have designed mine to ensure you are fully supported. I will be giving you full access to my 13 years data analysis experience so you can too learn how to strategically and innovatively create a competitive advantage that leans on your strengths.

Remember in order to make the impact you desire, you have to sell your offers and From Market Research to Sold Out Status guides you through the exact process to help you do so!

Here's what my past students had to say...

Leticia was amazing! She helped me get clear on my offer and get over my pricing fears. She was direct and honest. Just what I needed!


Leticia gave me tools and business strategies to understand the importance of doing my market research; insight that my story is not for everyone and I would have to find my own tribe, who was waiting for me to show up; helped changed my paradigm about importance of selling my worth and not giving it away free!


Genuinely looking at things from a different perspective - my brain is whirring with ideas on how I'm going to tweak what content I already have, I feel that I'm receiving confirmation from people that what I'm offering will work, it's just about how I wrap it and what more I include to make it more juicy. Loving the interviews, love the questions - chucked a couple of my own in - and the questions allow for follow up questions, they dig deep.


Leticia helped me get clarity about my market research for my coaching practice and the next steps following that. There is a science to this process and leticia is masterful at her craft. 


The biggest takeaway for me this week from our session is that listening to the language of my audience is so key to understanding what they want and need. It felt like an aha moment even though I’ve heard similar things before so it’s not necessarily a new concept but working with you has caused it to really resonate almost on a cellular level-thank you xx


Leticia put the smile back on my face and heart, reminding me that market research can be fun. I have a biz model but didn't know it. I have content and pillars, a target market and tons of knowledge and expertise to share. I got exactly what I needed to get my messaging right so I eventually sign up my target market. Leticia is a breath of fresh air and put the necessary amount of fire under me so I not only get more connected to the process of what I do; her individual attention is contagious.



My client CJ transformed her coaching business with my 5-day Strategic Offer Creation Challenge and 6 week group program. She learned my Market Research Mastery Method and saw a huge spike in lead generation and client acquisition, without a single sales call.

If you're struggling to generate leads and close sales, my programs can help you achieve success and grow your business.

Is From Market Research To Sold Out Status right for you?



  • You are a coach, consultant or healer.
  • You are ready to utilize the skills you have now.
  • You are ready to take action.
  • You are open to trying something new.
  • You are ready to step outside of your comfort zone.


  • You are not a service provider.
  • You think you need more training before you can get started.
  • You will take action later.
  • You are completely satisfied with the way things are now.
  • You want to stay in your comfort zone.

Why I'm Doing This

In my years of coaching, I have seen so many coaches struggle to understand how to position themselves in this ever growing industry.

It is my mission to help other female coaches, just like you, learn how to leverage market research and the data gleaned as a result of it to strategically position yourselves for profitability and longevity.

It breaks my heart when I see coaches pack up shop because they haven't figured out how to reach their income goals and make their coaching business viable long term. Too many coaches I know have just walked away due to the lack of revenue.

It is my belief that if we learn the processes big, multibillion dollar companies use to ensure their success, we too can create success for ourselves. And trust me, those big companies don't launch anything without doing their extensive research first!

That's why I am committed to helping you learn how to effectively use market research in your coaching business.





(3 Monthly Payments available)

If you are truly ready for Sold Out Status it is time to try something new!

Lovely, you have a choice.

You can spend the next few months creating offer after offer hoping you convince someone, anyone, to buy your offer or you can sign up to From Market Research To Sold Out Status TODAY!
Don't you think you have spent enough time guessing your way through your offer creation? Don't you think it is time you served those ideal clients who are desperately awaiting the solution you bring to the table? You are an amazing coach who should be out there making an impact, not frustrated beyond words. Let this be your sign you can finally have the Sold Out Status you desire!

Only a few spots available! Don't miss out on this opportunity! Invest now! 

Learn how to leverage market research and claim your Sold Out Status TODAY!

The key to getting your ideal clients begging for your offer is hidden in the data!